IQBAL THEBA @iqbaltheba


Born December 20, 1963 (age 51) Karachi, Pakistan Occupation Actor Children 2


Iqbal Theba (born December 20, 1963) is a Pakistani-American actor. Theba is known for his recurring role as Principal Figgins in the show Glee.

Theba attend the University of Oklahoma for civil engineering in 1981, but dropped out to pursue an acting career in New York. He has a BS degree in Construction Engineering Management. Theba returned to the University of Oklahoma to get a degree in acting in 1986. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 1991 after obtaining the acting degree.

He is married and they have two children: a son, Mikael and a daughter, Ranya.

Theba was born in Karachi, Pakistan. His family are of Gujarati origin.


One thought on “IQBAL THEBA @iqbaltheba

  1. I grew up watching him on TV in the nineties. A very versatile actor. Can be funny as hell and can also make you cry like he did in Community as Abed’s dad. Abigail T

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