WEIRD MC (@weirdmcofficial)


Born 9 July 1970
Residence Lagos, Nigeria
Nationality Nigerian, British
Other names Weird MC
Occupation Rapper


Weird MC (born Adesola Adesimbo Idowu on 1 January 1970) is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and producer. Known for her English/Yoruba lyrics, Weird MC – also known as Shola Idowu and The Rappatainer – is one of Africa’s most popular female rappers, and one of the few Nigerian women associated with Afrobeat.

Ogun-native Idowu was born in the United Kingdom to conservative parents who did not encourage her to go into showbusiness. She had her secondary school education in Nigeria, where she made friends with four other girls with whom she formed the hip-hop group Weirdos. Despite their popularity on the campus circuit, they failed to land a record deal, and soon disbanded, and Idowu gained admission into Ogun State University to study Law, but left after a year to focus on her music career, soon gaining a qualification in Music Technology; prior to this she had aspired to become a basketball player, but as the Nigerian Sports Commission did not fully support women in this field, Idowu moved back to England with the intention of emigrating to America to pursure her dream.


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