STEVE BERRA (@steve_berra)


Born 10 May 1973 (age 42)
St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.
Residence Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Occupation Skateboarder, film director, screenwriter, actor
Spouse(s) Juliette Lewis (m. 1999–2003)


Steve Berra (born May 10, 1973) is an American professional skateboarder and director, and is also the cofounder/co-owner of the popular skateboarding website “The Berrics”.

Berra grew up in both Nebraska and Missouri, United States (US), and he explained in 2007 that his family was poor: “I was considered poor when I was growing up. I didn’t have a phone.” Berra was bullied at school for skateboarding and struggled as a student, with Berra stating that he “was the kid who everybody assumed was a complete lost cause.” It was at the age of 14 years that the isolated Berra, who had a small number of friends at the time, decided that a professional skateboarding career was his aspiration.

Prior to the launch of the Berrics website, Berra explained the impact of Scientology upon his life:

Well, it’s just helped me as an individual. I understand life much better and when you understand life, you have an easier time understanding other aspects of it, skateboarding included. I don’t claim to be perfect, far from it in fact, but I at least have the self awareness to know that and see upon where I can improve, see where I’ve been the architect of my doom. Scientology has enabled me to really look at who I am, what I am doing and put myself in check if it I get too crazed. The best way I can further help people understand it is by telling them to actually go and buy a book. It’s what I did.

As of August 15, 2013, Berra has not been filmed with his two children on the Berrics, or any other media, but he responded to a fatherhood question in 2009 in the following manner:

It’s tough sometimes because you go through a lot of heartbreak as a kid and then when you think you’ve grown out of it, you have a child of your own and you go through it all over again. You also have expectations that are sometimes unrealistic, you have heartache with them not liking you, you have heartache as a result of their heartache, but on the flipside you have this indescribable joy and connection with another person that you just don’t have with anyone else and you have a real sense of achievement and pride when they turn out to be an extraordinary individual.


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