PAUL BEGLEY (@pastorbegley)

Born Paul Begley

Occupation Pastor, radio host

Religion Christianity


Paul Begley is an American pastor, theologian, author, and singer from North Judson, Indiana. Begley is known for his live show and internet radio broadcast, the Coming Apocalypse.    

Paul Begley first gained public attention as a self-proclaimed pastor on YouTube, where he originally hosted videos made from his home. Begley states that world events like floods, volcano eruptions, bus crashes in Mexico, the nuclear deal with Iran, and fluctuations in the world economy are signs of the “impending apocalypse.”  Mr. Begley has a personal website where he claims to reveal “God’s Prophecy,” and where he asks for cash donations, sells T-shirts and coffee mugs. As of 2016, he is also in the process of creating a website for tours to Israel.

Begley studied at Indiana Christian University and began preaching at twenty-two years old. He currently co-preaches with his father in Knox, Indiana at the Community Gospel Baptist Church in Knox, and has traveled abroad to do revivals. Begley’s first congregation was Blue Sea Church, and since then he has founded the International Christian Center in Knox. He currently lives in West Lafayette, Indiana. He is married and has three sons.


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